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Product Safety
The Magician’s Mod in no way advertise any of our products as a cure to smoking or a cure to addiction of nicotine. The Electronic cigarette is capable of delivering nicotine to a person via the e-liquid substance. Nicotine is classed as a poison and is addictive/ possibly harmful to your health. If you suffer from any sort of nicotine addiction or dependency you should consult your GP. You should consult a health professional before using any of our products. If you fail to do this you cannot hold The Magician’s Mod responsible in any way for the outcome of using our products. All product use and consumption is done at the customers own risk as per the liability section of the terms and conditions.

Customers are advised to do thorough research into battery safety and if they are undertaking ‘coil / deck building’ they should also be familiar with Ohm’s law.

The Magician’s Mod accepts no liability and will not be responsible for any loss, claims, damage, injury, expense or suffering incurred as a result of any product or service provided by The Magician’s Mod. Any compensation or refunds shall be at the discretion of The Magician’s Mod and shall not exceed the value of the product provided. This disclaimer also applies to use of information supplied on our website and any information held in our back office systems.