Supporting Feline Care Cat Rescue

Magician's Mod Supports Feline Care Cat Rescue

The Feline Care Cat Rescue is one those places that really puts the animals first. They are a non-profit organisation that take-in and care for all types of cats young and old. They provide all medical care to the well over 150 cats housed there. The people there are great animal lovers and they never put a cat to sleep unless it is absolutely the best thing for the furry little friend.

They need support! It costs them over £150,000 a year to operate and they generate revenue in as many ways as they can but kind donations of money, time, supplies etc are needed. We provide small donations of food, treats and toys as well as collect donations in store. Alan and Rachel from The Magician's Mod spend a few hours each week just cuddling, fussing and socialising with the cats there.

More of this is needed and volunteers are very welcome. You can't just turn up and say I want to fuss cats but you can contact them and offer some help. They'll need you to pop in and sign up as a volunteer. You're not contracted to any amount of time it's just so they can meet you and explain how things work there and make sure you're suitable and comfortable with everything.

They're a lovely bunch and don't bite (some of the cats might!).

The website address for the rescue is

Feline Care Cat Rescue
Roudham Road
East Harling
NR16 2QN

01953 718529


We were there for their open day on Sunday 16th April 2017 and Alan was performing magic for many of the visitors and they raised over £5000 on the day. Some pictures below.