50/50 E-Liquid (10ml Bottles)

Cheapest Wizmix e liquids uk

High quality UK made 50/50 ratio e-liquids. All fully tested and compliant with latest regulations. We have 10 flavours to choose from.

Ratio & Strength

50/50 VG/PG Ratio E-Liquid Brandon, Thetford, RAF Lakenheath, Feltwell, Weeting
6mg Nicotine Level
12mg Nicotine Level
18mg Nicotine Level


Black Jacks Flavour E-Liquid

Black Jacks
Like the aniseed flavoured sweet.

Lemon Sherbet E-Liquid UK

Lemon Sherbet
Lemon flavour with tangy aftertaste.

Menthol E-Liquid Brandon, Thetford, RAF Lakenheath, Feltwell, Weeting, Watton

Menthol Asylum
Straight menthol flavour.

Hand Roll Tobacco E-Liquid Flavour Brandon, Feltwell, Weeting, Watton, Attleborough, RAF Lakenheath

Wizard's Leaf
Hand roll tobacco flavour.

Blueberry Flavour E-Liquid UK

Blueberry Hill
Sweet blueberry flavour.

Life's A Peach E-Liquid Cheapest UK, RAF Lakenheath, Watton, Brandon, Thetford, Swaffham, Attleborough

Life's A Peach
Peach flavour.

Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid Brandon, Thetford, Feltwell, Weeting, RAF Lakenheath

Popular Vape
Pre-rolled cigarette flavour.

Cherry Flavoured E-Liquid UK

Cherry Bomb
Strong cherry flavour.

Jubbly Bubbly Bubblegum Flavour E-Liquid Brandon, Swaffham, Thetford, RAF Lakenheath, Feltwell, Weeting

Jubbly Bubbly
Bubblegum flavour.

Strawberry Flavour E-Liquid Vape Brandon, Feltwell, Weeting, RAF Lakenheath, Thetford

Strawberry Seduction
Strawberry flavour.