Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate at The Magician’s Mod

Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate in Brandon's Vape Lounge The Magician's Mod. Serving Center Parcs Elvedon, Go Ape Thetford, High Lodge Thetford, Feltwell, Weeting, Methwold

Hot drinks go hand in hand with vape shops and we offer fantastic Coffees, Teas, and Hot Chocolates. Only £1.20 (was £1.80) for a large take away cup. Just another reason to visit The Magician's Mod in Brandon!

Our drinks machine is state-of-the-art and uses freeze dried real milk and you can taste the difference!

We offer:

  • Tea
  • Mochaccino (espresso with, chocolate & steamed milk)
  • Cafe Latte (espresso with steamed frothy milk)
  • Cappuccino (espresso with steamed frothy milk and a dash of chocolate)
  • Flat White (a long espresso with a dash of milk)
  • Double Shot Flat White (double espresso with a dash of milk)
  • Chocolate Latte (rich creamy & frothy hot chocolate)
  • Hot Chocolate (a sweet full hot chocolate)
  • Espresso Short (a rich espresso with hot water)
  • Espresso Long (a rich espresso with extra hot water)
  • Espresso Shot (a strong rich espresso with golden crema)

We have customers come to see our Vape Shop from Center Parcs Elvedon, Go Ape Thetford, High Lodge, Attleborough Swaffham, Feltwell, Weeting, Methwold, Watton and more. We are pleased to offer drinks so they can sit and have a vape and refresh with a nice hot beverage!

Hot Drinks in Brandon's Vape Shop