Cotton / Wire / Tools

The essentials for coil builders whether flavour or cloud chasers.

Coil Building Kit Brandon, Weeting, Feltwell, Center Parcs Elvedon Suffolk

Vapor Tech Coil Building Tool Kit - £24.99

The Vapor Tech Coil Kit includes an array of tools including Tweezers, Allen Keys, Screwdrivers, Pliers, Scissors, Wire Cutter, Coil Jig (with various diameter rods), Ohms Reader and a Battery Case. There is also a cutout for a roll of wire for you to store your choice of gauge.

Vape Wire Brandon, Suffolk Center Parcs Elvedon

Wire - £4.99

We stock a small selection of wires in different gauges. Brands vary.

Vape Cotton Brandon, RAF Lakenheath, Center Parcs Elvedon, Feltwell, Weeting

Muji Cotton - £1.00 (5 Sheets)

Good quality cotton.

Cotton Bacon V2 in Brandon, Center Parcs Elvedon Suffolk, Thetford, Feltwell, Weeting, RAF Lakenheath

Cotton Bacon V2 - £4.99

Highly regarded for flavour and longevity. Cotton Bacon is a great choice.